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Inovonics David IV Receives New Firmware

Rev. 2.0 adds digital radio diversity delay and more

The David IV processor from Inovonics has received a major firmware upgrade, Rev. 2.0.

The new version, along with helpful information, can be found here. It includes an adjustable HD Radio and DRM diversity delay that scales up to 9.999 seconds (if you have the optional delay board). The balanced L/R analog and AES Digital outputs can be “independently set for 20 kHz Flat, FM Pre-Emphasized or FM Flat” according to a release. On the European front, the ITU Multiplex power control now meets the European ITU-R BS.412.9 standard.

Rev. 2 includes improvements in the PIPP limiter, select factory presets and the specifications for THD, stereo separation and S/N ratios.

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