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Interep Wants More Auto Money for Radio

Interep Wants More Auto Money for Radio

Is there more money for radio salespeople to capture in the auto ad category? Interep is out with research that suggests the answer is yet.
“Despite the fact that automotive advertising was the second-largest category for national radio in 2003, auto manufacturers spend only 3% of total ad dollars on the medium,” it states.
“Auto factories (and) manufacturers spend the bulk of their ad dollars on television and newspaper. Auto dealers associations spend almost three-fourths of their budgets in newspaper, despite research showing that radio’s reach far exceeds that of newspapers among auto consumers.”
The ad sales and marketing company recently released a report called “Radio Works for the Automotive Industry” to highlight the medium’s ability to target auto consumers. It said it is treating automotive as a key category for its sales people.
“The report also points out that the youth market and ethnic markets are two of the fast-growing markets for new car buyers. This is good news for radio, which excels at targeting young adult, Hispanic and African-American consumers.” Info: