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Internet Radio Audience Up 10%

Internet Radio Audience Up 10%

The Internet radio audience is up 10 percent for the week of Jan. 22 to 28, according to a new report from MeasureCast.
“More than half of the stations on the Top 25 saw an increase in time spent listening and amount of people tuned in,” said Evan Oster, MeasureCast vice president of research. “The increase in listening week over week is a testimony to the growth of this medium and we are pleased to help generate more awareness to its strengths and benefits.”
83 percent of all Internet radio listening occurs during work hours, according to MeasureCast. The peak listening time is noon PST, (3 p.m. EST). And Thursday, rather than last week’s Wednesday, is the most popular day for Internet radio.
In the week of Jan. 28, MeasureCast rated 575 Internet radio stations. To read the complete report, visit