Jampro Acquired AlanDick Broadcast

Both antenna companies active in Middle East, Africa
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Jampro Antennas reached an agreement with ADC U.K. Ltd. to purchase the AlanDick Broadcast Division for an undisclosed sum. The announcement was made at the end of IBC2011.

ADC Broadcast is an antenna, device, and broadcast services organization serving the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Africa for the past 30 years. Among its product lines are medium wave antenna systems from 0.5 MHz to 1.6 MHz, VHF bands I and III television antennas, VHF band II FM antennas, VHF band III DAB antennas, and UHF bands IV and V television antennas. It also manufactures combiners and filters and transmission line components, as well as towers and masts.

Jampro recently announced a 12-site contract for broadband DVB-T antennas and FM antenna systems in Saudi Arabia and an order for 20 flat-panel FM antennas for the Egyptian Radio and TV Union (ERTU). The company also has many active projects throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas.


Jampro Sells Package to WLIR

Jampro Antennas said Jarad Broadcasting station WLIR(FM) in New York state ordered a JMPC two-bay antenna plus an auxiliary JMPC. Both are to be configured at the supplier’s test range to minimize downward RF radiation exposure.