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Jelli Releases SpotPlan 2.0

New version includes 250+ new features, crowd-sourced by media buyers

Cloud-based programmatic ad platform provider Jelli has debuted SpotPlan 2.0, incorporating media buyer feedback into 250 new features, such as plan analysis, project analysis and plan comparison.

According to the announcement, some of the changes now include:

  • Plan Analysis: SpotPlan is powered by a data management platform enabling users to unify the data and review different plans using the same measurement framework. Using a single, consistent set of measurements across different buy types helps to accurately calculate the effectiveness of an ad buy, according to Jelli.
  • Project Analysis: Projects can be composed of spot and network plans from different inventory sources and marketplaces. The company said it was necessary to add a feature that analyzes how individual plans fit together and contribute toward overall project goals.
  • Plan Comparison: Various versions of plans can now be created and compared, which the company expects will help users to identify the optimal version of the plan quickly.

“The emphasis on buyer empowerment delivered by SpotPlan 2.0 increases a radio buyer’s ability to deliver significantly more value to advertisers,” said Jelli CEO/Co-founder Mike Dougherty.

According to the release, SpotPlan 2.0 will help users generate 20% more impressions for every dollar spent using Plan Analysis; buyers can collaborate faster and easier using Project Analysis; and also evaluate multiple plans side-by-side with Plan Comparison.