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Juniper Talks Car/Smartphone Marriage

Integration to become standard in future models

The interaction of our smartphones with our audio content and our vehicles has been a subject of great interest — and concern — for radio leaders, because of the way it is changing radio listening habits.

Beyond interaction is integration. Now market researcher Juniper Research has issued a study predicting increased integration between smartphones and automobiles, with as many as 90+ million vehicles on the road, globally, by 2016.

A release describing the report said that smartphone integration “will become all but standard on new models.”

The study is called “Telematics & Smart Vehicles — Infotainment & Commercial Uses, Insurance & Vehicle Recovery 2012-2016.” Not surprisingly, it notes, manufacturers are aggressively following Ford’s lead that “allows the smartphone to become hub, enabling mobile Internet, smartphone app and content access across the range of vehicles that they sell.”

The author of the report, Anthony Cox, said: “Integrating the smartphone into consumer cars represents a new route for the mobile Internet and infotainment to enter the vehicle.”

In addition, the report says that smartphone integration can bring additional benefits in efficiency, safety, traffic and fleet management and insurance. It predicts that the only inhibitor of integration over the next five years will be the slow rate of new car purchases.

The in-depth study is available for purchase here.