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Kabrich: Consider PPM Implications of iPhone 7 Design

Consultant makes his point visually

Consultant Randy Kabrich has been blogging pungently about radio ratings methodologies — PPM, Voltair and so on — for some time.

On Friday he asked “why broadcasters aren’t talking about the real issue that starts Friday (9/16/2016) with the sale of the first iPhone 7?”

Riffing on Bernie Sanders, he wrote, “I am sick and tired of hearing about the iPhone 7 and that Damn Headphone Jack that may or may not cause an issue for NextRadio in 2017, 2018 or beyond.” Kabrich pointed out the implications for PPM, and sought to make his point visually.

He created a graphic to “explain to PPM respondents who are purchasing a new iPhone 7 or 7+ how to wire up a PPM to your new smartphone that has no headphone jack.” (Click on the image to see it enlarged.)

He added a postscript: “Last but not least, make sure all four connectors are tight — especially the non-locking mini-USB PPM adapter to the actual PPM. The last thing you want is for that to slide loose after wiring this whole thing up! And just think, with that much wiring, NextRadio will NEVER have a FM reception issue!”