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Kenwood Pumps Integrated Product

Kenwood Pumps Integrated Product

Kenwood USA introduced a car audio product at CES that it says makes it possible to upgrade or add components to a vehicle entertainment system, including HD Radio, without replacing OEM components.
The KOS-A200 can be integrated with OEM radios that include RDS FM tuners, allowing text to be displayed on the radio from devices connected through the USB or 5L input.
Other devices that can be integrated with the OEM system include Sirius tuners, disc changers, MP3 players, iPod players and a new Kenwood Bluetooth adapter for hands-free cell phone integration.
“Seventy percent of the OEM vehicles have RDS tuners,” Kenwood’s Mike Bergman told RW Online on the show floor.
The KOS-A200 includes a USB input, two stereo auxiliary analog inputs, a 5L disc changer input and IR eye input for the remote control. It is ready for HD Radio and Sirius when an external tuner is connected via the 5L input.
Kenwood has a prototype on display at CES. The unit ships in June and lists for $200.