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Key Radio Statistic Is Up Again

RADAR puts weekly listening at 241.5 million; Hispanic stat is up ‘sharply’

The number of radio listeners is up again in Arbitron’s latest RADAR report.

“The report shows radio’s continued strength, with a year-over-year increase of about 1.9 million weekly listeners aged 12 and older,” the company stated in a preview summary.

“The number of persons 12 and older listening to radio each week now reaches an estimated 241.5 million, representing 93.1% of all persons 12 and older.”

According to Radio World records, that number stood at 92% in late 2008.

The RADAR statistic of overall weekly listenership is widely quoted by financial observers and others who monitor industry trends.

Arbitron said that compared to a year ago, the number of radio listeners increased across all major demographics, with adults 18–34 showing the biggest gains, adding 350,000 weekly listeners for a total of about 66.5 million in that demo.

“The number of teens aged 12 to 17 listening to radio also continues to rise, increasing 158,000 listeners vs. June 2010, reaching more than 22.8 million weekly listeners or 92 percent,” it said.

Among further findings, Arbitron said Hispanics aged 18–49 increased “sharply,” adding about 600,000 weekly listeners since June 2010 to total 23.7 million Hispanic adults 18–49 listening weekly.

The Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research report measures 56 radio networks. The report includes data from the 48 PPM markets.

— Paul McLane