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Klotz Unveils AEON Networked Console

Klotz Unveils AEON Networked Console

Klotz Digital is out with the AEON On-Air Console, available in four mainframe sizes, ranging from four to 20 on-surface fader controls, at prices from under $10,000 to $20,000. An EQ/dynamics package costs an additional $1,045. It is intended primarily as a stand-alone system for on-air, news or production studios. An optional connectivity package adds local studio I/O and networking to provide interface with existing Klotz platforms.
Each four-fader control panel is one inch thick, so the system it can be dropped into existing furniture or built into large configurations. Each channel is equipped with Source A/B selection, selection for six main busses assignable for any function, plus conventional On/Off, Cue and Talkback buttons. The Monitor/DSP section has assignable buttons and rotary controls for monitoring, input routing, remote control and other uses.
Also new: DiAN Routing Control panels for VADIS, enabling stand-alone or networked applications for existing routing systems.