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KOUZ(FM) Fined For Airing Ad

KOUZ(FM) Fined For Airing Ad

The FCC has fined non-com KOUZ(FM), Alexandria, La. apparently liable for a $2,000 penalty for airing ads (rather than underwriting announcements.) The agency defines an ad as material that is aired in exchange for remuneration and intended to promote a service, facility or a product. Non-coms may air funding acknowledgements for identification purposes only, not to promote the contributors’ products, services, or business. At issue are 3 underwriting announcements aired by the station earlier this year. Station licensee, Family Life Educational Foundation, says two announcements, promotions for a Christian home show, qualified as PSAs. It agrees the third announcement, for a non-profit group, was promotional, and aired on behalf of a for-profit sponsor. The FCC said the announcement “seeks impermissibly to distinguish favorably the underwriter from its competitors by implying that it offers superior service, and also urges business patronage”. The station had 30 days to either pay the fine, or request that it be reduced or eliminated.