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Last.FM Amplifies Its Indy Vibe

New offering emphasizes everything ‘from Newgrass to Indietronica’

Last.FM has launched a music tool aimed at promoting independent music.

The CBS-owned organization launched Discover, saying it has a library of 3 million tracks by emerging, independent artists.

This is an HTML5 app sponsored by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 that works within (Though it is sponsored by IE9, Discover also works with “all modern Web browsers.”)

“From Newgrass to Indietronica, the tool Discover allows users access to music genres that suit everyone’s tastes, free of charge and without commercials,” it stated.

“The new tool will allow unlimited skips, listens and the ability to showcase their curation skills by making mini mixtapes of newly discovered music, all easily shareable online with their friends and networks.” officials also said in the announcement said that the project involved contributions from Microsoft and London design studio Somethin’ Else. It promised “an immersive and visually rich Web experience.”