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Latvian Radio Tests DAB

Public broadcaster to trial digital radio technology with NEPLP over a one-year period

Public broadcaster Latvian Radio will be testing digital audio technology over a one-year trial period along with the country’s National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP). According to the Baltic Course, the Council has decided not to offer the opportunity to commercial broadcasters during that time.

“Since several European countries are currently in various stages of transition to digital audio broadcasting (DAB and DAB+), Latvia needs to identify the benefits this technology could provide to society. They might include lower broadcasting costs and better signal quality across Latvia. But before taking any further decisions about digital radio, this technology has to be tested,” said Aija Dulevska, chairperson of the NEPLP.

Systems integrator A-T Trade Music will be providing DAB multiplexer equipment from Swedish firm Paneda to the Latvia Television and Radio Centre (LVTRC) for the tests, which will begin in November with six channels.