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LBA: Don’t Ignore New Chemical Safety Rules

Says many businesses may not realize they are affected

The LBA Group says many businesses may not realize they must comply with new chemical safety training rules that start to take effect in December. It is offering training to help.

“Even businesses using seemingly benign chemicals such as consumer-grade adhesives, paints and cleaning supplies must provide workers with OSHA-compliant HazCom GHS training before the Dec. 1, 2013 deadline,” the company states on a blog.

The intent of the rules is to standardize information related to the safe handling of chemicals.

“Training teaches new labeling elements and a new SDS format.” LBA said SDS is similar to what is currently known as MSDS, or Material Safety Data Sheets. “Convenient and inexpensive training options are available through LBA University and others that provide businesses with the assurance that they are OSHA compliant and their employees are trained properly.”

LBA writes that there has been a slow reaction from companies to seek training for their employees in preparation for the implementation of the first phase.

“Some businesses may not realize that they must comply with the new HazCom GHS. Chemicals a business may house do not have to be a specific grade such as commercial or industrial. Consumer-grade chemicals used in a business or commercial setting will fall under the new HazCom GHS.”

The company has posted information about the rules and its training programs.