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LEC Aims to Lick Lightning

LEC Aims to Lick Lightning

Lightning Eliminators and Consultants is promoting power-protection products.
The Chem-Rod grounding system uses a mixture of mineral salts to condition the soil next to the rod assembly, which results in lower resistance throughout the life of the grounding assembly.
At this spring’s conventions, the company also displayed its Dissipation Array System, designed on the point discharge theory (or more commonly known as St. Elmo’s Fire) that sets up a countervailing charge to a lightning strike, thus shielding the protected facility. It also showed the Spline Ball Terminal, a scaled-down version of the Dissipation Array System.
For applications inside the plant, the company demonstrated its updated Sandwich Block surge suppressor, which uses a sandwich of metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to dissipate electrical surges.