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Live365 Cites ‘Critical Mass’ for Online Radio

Live365 Cites 'Critical Mass' for Online Radio

The Live365 Internet radio network said it has signed with Ronning Lipset Radio, an ad rep company that will represent the sale of its audio ad inventory to marketers who want to use online radio. Live365 thus joins with Yahoo and AOL, which also use Ronning Lipset, to form an ad sales network of 9 million listeners a month “to combine our audiences into one sales network for the benefit of terrestrial radio buyers.”
In the announcement, the COO of Live365, Rags Gupta, said online radio “has matured into a medium with critical mass, unique programming and an attractive audience that can be targeted in much the same way that terrestrial radio ads are bought and sold.”
Ronning Lipset Radio was formed to help advertisers reach listeners to online radio.
Live 365 said :30 and :60 audio spots will be sold through stations in its online network.