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Livio’s Grooveshark Car Kit Is Available

On-demand music service and Internet radio maker develop plug-and-play device

On-demand music service Grooveshark and Internet radio developer Livio Radio teamed up to offer the Grooveshark Car Kit.

The Grooveshark Kit is a plug-and-play device that brings Grooveshark and music from the consumer’s Android phone to his or her FM car stereo. The kit offers Bluetooth hands-free calling, USB charging and buttons to safely control the Grooveshark application.

“Sam has a clear vision for getting Grooveshark into the vehicle, and I’m proud that our Detroit technology is powering the solution,” said Livio Radio founder and CEO Jake Sigal, speaking of Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarrantino.

The device marks Grooveshark’s first in-car app integration and first branded device. It’s available for pre-order for just under $100.

Android smartphone users can download the Grooveshark app for free at, and a free three-month trial of Grooveshark Anywhere is included with kit purchase.