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LMiV Launches First Five Station Sites

LMiV Launches First Five Station Sites

Seven months after the Local Market Internet Venture was announced, the first five LMiV Web sites launched this week.
The LMiV is a radio industry consortium of five companies that have joined together to change radio’s relationship to the Internet.
“For the first time, we’ve made the Internet serve radio’s interests, instead of the other way around,” stated Jeff Smulyan, LMiV’s Chairman/CEO of Emmis Communications. Emmis is one of the five founding radio companies; other founding members include Corus Entertainment, Bonneville International, Entercom and Jefferson-Pilot Communications.
The LMiV will provide a template for member stations that will allow them to stream their programming in either the RealPlayer or Windows Media formats and to build a station “personality” through local content, music information, concert dates, artist information and news that is tailored for each station. 20 national content providers will provide material for the LMiV, including Muze, Rolling Stone, Screaming Media and Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch.