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Low-Cost POTS Codec from Musicam USA

Low-Cost POTS Codec from Musicam USA

Liberty, a low-cost, high-tech POTS codec from Musicam is set for introduction next week at NAB2002. Priced at less than $2,600, Liberty is compact and portable. The codec delivers 15 kHz, bidirectional audio over a single analog telephone line with line connection rates as low as 24 kb/s. If line rates below 24 kb/s are encountered, Liberty gradually reduces high-frequency audio response to improve performance. Audio end-to-end delay is minimized at less than 100ms. If line quality changes during a connection, Liberty can automatically negotiate in less than one second.
Liberty contains a host of features, such as dual mixing inputs, independent level controls for send and return audio monitoring and programmable function keys for access to frequently dialed numbers or menu functions.
The codec connects with a cell phone for true wireless operation at normal telco bandwidth. When encoding for improved audio, a visual display of line condition lets operators further optimize the connection. In the event of a line or power failure, Liberty automatically reconnects in seconds.
For more information from Musicam, contact the company in New Jersey at (732) 739-5600, FAX (732) 739-1818; e-mail [email protected]; or visit on the World Wide Web.