Lowest Unit Charges Take Effect

Lowest Unit Charges Take Effect
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With the general election scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7, the 60-day lowest unit charge period begins Friday, Sept. 8, as Garvey Schubert Barer reminds us in its media memo to clients.
During this time, broadcast stations must offer their best rate to candidates for public office, including federal, state and local races, for each daypart and class of time. Issue advertising and other non-candidate political advertising is not entitled to the Lowest Unit Charge.
LUCs should be incorporated in a disclosure statement of all of the station’s general and political advertising policies and rates, kept in the political folder in the local public file.


Increased Indecency Fines Take Effect

President Bush recently signed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, increasing the potential fines for broadcasting indecent material by a factor of 10. The former max - a mere pittance at $32,500 per violation - is history. Now you're looking at a much heftier $325,000 per violation, up to a limit of $3 million per day.