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LPFM Comment Deadlines Set

LPFM Comment Deadlines Set

In March, RW Online reported about myriad changes the FCC had proposed for rules governing the LPFM service. Now the deadlines for comments on the proposals have been set, after the item was published, finally, in the Federal Register.
Public comments are due Aug. 8, and Aug. 22 for replies, in MM Docket 99-25.
The commission is taking comment on ownership and technical changes to the LPFM rules. The agency is trying to decide whether new LPFMs should be licensed as a primary service and potentially gain priority over existing and future FM translators in terms of licensing and interference concerns.
It’s also asking whether LPFMs should be allowed to stay on the air where interference is predicted to occur within the 70 dBu contour of second- or third-adjacent channel full-service FMs authorized in the future.