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Mackie Has New DAW Control Surface

Mackie Has New DAW Control Surface

The new Mackie Control is a nine-fader master control surface with touch-sensitive Penny and Giles motorized faders. It supports software integration for digital audio workstations including Soundscape 32 by Mackie Broadcast Professional, Nuendo and CubaseSX by Steinberg and Digital Performer by MOTU. Support is planned for Cool Edit Pro by Syntrillium Software, SONAR 2 by Cakewalk and others.
The company said Mackie Control has been mapped to enable power-user functions by many of the supported DAWs, and is the first to offer DAW-specific Lexan overlays. Features include mute, solo and record arming buttons, signal LED, a channel-select button and a V-Pot that can be used to control panning, send levels, EQ, dynamics and other DSP plug-ins. It supports an automation assignment section, editing shortcut buttons, undo, redo and save buttons, and modifiers that offer multiple functionality for specific commands. Navigational control is in a tape-style transport. Retail price is $1,299; a channel extension add-on option is available. Info: