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Making Ad World Think ‘Streaming Media’

Making Ad World Think 'Streaming Media'

To make streaming media more top-of-mind among advertisers, media buyers and ad agencies, MeasureCast, Inc. has forged a partnership with Katz Interactive Marketing and Interep Interactive.
MeasureCast is a next-day audience size and demographic report provider. Rep firms Katz and Interep have streaming media sales forces.
“It is extremely important that leaders in the burgeoning streaming industry work together to bring its attributes to the attention of traditional advertisers,” said Randy Hill, founder and CEO of MeasureCast Inc.
Sven Haarhoff of MeasureCast said that the first efforts of the partnership would most likely be seminars for media buyers and advertisers in the next few months in New York to trumpet streaming media. The three companies will collaborate on brochures and other collateral material that will promote streaming media, Haarhoff said.
Laura Dely