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Manuals Plus Announces Pending Closure

Interested buyers can request manuals or attend sale in June

Manuals Plus owner Nick Dawson confirmed plans to shutter the Maryland-based test and measurement equipment manual distributor in a phone interview Friday. He says the closing of this division will not affect the operations of parent company Ridge Equipment Co. Inc.

Dawson says the company’s warehouse lease will be up in June, and factors like the increasing availability of PDF versions of the manuals contributed to the decision.

He explained that the current building has 1.6 linear miles of shelving, all filled with inventory. In order to avoid throwing them out, Manuals Plus says it will accept best offers for the manuals, offering an opportunity to stock up on these publications at a discount. Send queries to [email protected] — specific requests will be given priority.

Dawson noted his affection for radio clubs and encouraged operators to contact Manuals Plus with requests for manuals.

Additionally, the company will host a warehouse sale in the first week of June, prior to its planned closure at the end of the month.