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Mark Lloyd Is Topic at FCC Hill Hearing

Greg Walden tells chairman some of Lloyd’s writings are ‘very offensive’

Mark Lloyd’s name came up when FCC commissioners went to the Hill.

Lloyd is the associate general counsel and chief diversity officer recently named by Genachowski to that post. He has come under criticism from some conservatives and broadcast advocates.

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., the former broadcaster, said he found some writing by Lloyd about broadcasters to be “very offensive.” The lawmaker quoted 2007 articles written by Lloyd that reportedly said broadcasters want to be “trustees” of the public trust “without the responsibility,” getting to whether stations are fulfilling their public mission. Public interest and civil rights groups have said recent criticisms of Lloyd are unfair.

“What troubles me is someone who is as opinionated as he is, is not going to bring balance to policy,” said Walden. “As a former licensee, we don’t talk to commissioners. We talk to the staff” who have an “extraordinary range of power,” said Walden. He asked Genachowski what Lloyd’s role is and whether he could appear before the committee.

Genachowski said Lloyd is a long-time communications expert who helped mobilize non-traditional stake-holders in the DTV transition. Lloyd is working on broadband adoption, not broadcast issues, according to Genachowski, who added that he would make him available to the committee “as we would any staffer of the FCC.”