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Marketron Executes Programmatic Radio Spot Buy

Transaction involved two stations, two advertisers

Broadcast business software developer and services provider Marketron says it conducted its first real-time programmatic radio spot buy. The action comes a year after Marketron partnered with Jelli’s programmatic radio advertising platform.

The transaction last week involved programmatic buys for Hubbard Broadcasting’s KSTP(FM), Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. and Rich Broadcasting’s KSKI(FM), Sun Valley, Idaho.

Both stations published inventory to Marketron’s Mediascape Marketplace, a sell-side platform. Using a demand-side platform, Starwood’s Aloft hotel group bought the inventory from KSTP and Wood River Valley Insurance bought the inventory from KSKI.

Marketron developed Mediascape Marketplace last year and says it intends to operate an open, fair and independent marketplace for stations so that they remain in control of their own inventory and its value.

We’ve reported that advertisers and agencies are pushing radio to adopt programmatic spot buys. Many consider the process easier than radio’s current manual process. “By showcasing a real-time programmatic spot buy on radio, we are illustrating how accessible it is for advertisers to use programmatic to take advantage of radio’s local power, and for radio stations to maximize their inventory,” said Marketron CEO Jeff Haley.