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Marketron to Appear at NAB Show, Showcase Products

One sales product designed to do it all

At the 2022 NAB Show, Marketron will feature its product Marketron REV. Geared towards broadcast media salespeople, REV is designed to deliver more predictable revenue and improve sales growth.

During the show, the company will be located at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas in salon A to showcase this product.

Per a recent company press release detailing its upcoming appearance, Marketron leadership said existing sales processes of creating proposals, optimizing pricing, and executing post analysis are “exhausting and inefficient.”

“Sellers spend too much time re-entering data and going back and forth between systems, keeping them for selling,” the release read.

With the Marketron REV, they aim to change that.

REV is a sales growth platform built for broadcast TV and radio sales professionals. The platform boasts the user’s ability to streamline customer, proposal, and order management processes all in one space.

“Sellers can focus on selling, not admin work.”

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At its core, REV is a pricing engine. Marketron said users are able to improve top-line revenue by pricing based on data and demand. This is said to deliver at least a five percent increase in revenue without adding inventory or salespeople.

With Marketron REV, the company said advanced algorithms and historical data “do the work for you,” setting spot prices based on current fill rates, timelines, ratings, and other key factors.

Marketron REV product showcased on a laptop
Marketron REV software showcased on a laptop (photo courtesy of Marketron)

Other features of the product include access to avails and pricing, eliminating the need to look these up in traffic systems or spreadsheets, as well as a visual reporting and analytics suite. This allows users to capture insights on pipeline visibility, committed orders, top sellers, and how stations perform against targets.

REV also includes a broadcast-centric CRM to manage prospects and customers.

CEO of Marketron, Jim Howard, said he looks forward to showcasing the company’s products at the 2022 NAB show, stating it’s more important than ever to equip stations’ sales teams with the best tools for success.

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