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Matrox Supplies Nova With KVM Extenders

Aid remote production for Australian broadcaster

Nova Entertainment, an Australian media company with radio stations throughout the country, has been using Matrox Graphics Avio F125 KVM extenders to aid production in its radio studios.

KVM extenders allow for computer keyboards, video monitors and mice to be in one room while housing the processor and its host motherboard and case elsewhere. The fiber-optic-based Avio F125 models allow for dual HD video output and USB 2.0 peripherals.

At the Nova Entertainment stations, some of the workstations are 350 feet from the computers they are utilizing. The KVM extenders connect to the computers via fiber-optic cable. Besides keyboards and mice, the workstations have twin high definition monitors, external hard disks and peripheral CD/DVD burners.

Nova Entertainment Technology Manager Luke McKew said, “Working off a higher-resolution setup makes it easier for the audio engineers to see small changes within the editing software, while the ability to quickly burn a CD or plug in an external HDD without having to walk back to the control room greatly improves workflow and efficiency.”