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Mayah Enjoys Vancouver Games

Several broadcasters using Sporty, Centauri II and other codecs for Olympic coverage

YLE of Finland, Avtoradio of Russian, NRK of Norway and ARD/ZDF of Germany are among the broadcasters using Mayah codecs to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver, British Columbia.

In addition to using Mayah C11 and Sporty units, YLE is using Centauri II units as a audio-over-IP backup to the main connectivity lines.

ARD/ZDF is using Mayah codecs for traditional ISDN communications needs, as well as a backup for telephone connections.

Avtoradio (?????????) is using several MAYAH Sporty and C11 units for mobile live audio contribution. The Sporty units are transmitting audio via 3G connections from around the city back to the main studio at the IBC.