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Media Management for Local Dutch Stations

OLON MediaHub faciliates distribution of content

Dutch local broadcasting organization Organisatie van Lokale Omroepen in Nederland has set up MediaHub, a platform for the management of contribution and distribution of content from local broadcasters.

According to OLON, the MediaHub allows broadcasters to offer a complete range of content for the Internet, TV, social media and apps by entering the information only once in their online editorial system. The system then sends the news automatically to all media and devices.

Representing some 280 local broadcasters who together produce more than 45,000 hours of radio content per week, OLON facilitates collaboration between the local media organizations and organizes initiatives such as staff training.

“MediaHub has sufficient encoding and transcoding capacity to offer local broadcasters a high quality radio (and TV) signal to all of the telecom companies,” said Marcel Mokveld, OLON infrastructure manager. “In compliance with Dutch public broadcaster NPO’s standards, MediaHub features the option to serve several other distribution platforms, mobile devices and OTT platforms.”

The core of the OLON MediaHub is based on Ericsson’s “Channel Store” service, an IP-based network, allowing the insertion of additional transcoding capacity. Ericsson’s Master Control Room handles around-the-clock service of the MediaHub.

“Stations can choose to either integrate a contribution themselves or to designate a supplier to manage the signal contribution to the MediaHub,” said Mokveld.

The OLON MediaHub also offers live broadcasts via the De Lokale Omroep-application for portable media. Stations are charged a monthly fee of €335. Thus far 50 radio and TV stations are using the platform.

— Marc Maes