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Media Monitors and Ad-ID Agree

Technology cooperation to enhance commercial tracking

Advertising tracking company Media Monitors has announced an agreement with Advertising Digital Identification to utilize that company’s Ad-ID commercial identification technology in Media Monitors’ commercial monitoring system.

The latest agreement with SAG-AFTRA requires that Ad-ID technology be used in commercials made by signatories.

According to a release, “Media Monitors endorses the industry move to Ad-ID, and to help facilitate the plan the ad tracking service will provide agencies and creative houses a platform on which to automate the exchange of Ad-ID metadata and upload the creative directly to Media Monitors’ commercial database.”

It adds, “Once Media Monitors creates a fingerprint from the creative, subscribers will be able to verify airplay across all the TV and radio stations monitored by Media Monitors.”

Media Monitors CEO and President Philippe Generali said, “Ad-ID will not only help the advertising agencies get an accurate picture of what ran where and when, but in addition will also help SAG/AFTRA members track their commercials.”