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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: Broadcast Tools DMS-III Digital Monitor & Switcher

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: Broadcast Tools DMS-III Digital Monitor & Switcher

Here’s a company that knows how to make a problem-solver.
The DMS-III accepts and automatically or manually switches two AES signal sources when a digital error or analog silence is detected.
An auto control function switches to a backup source on failure of the main one. Switch functions can be triggered by loss of clock, digital error flags, front-panel transfer switch, external switch contact and/or the internal analog stereo silence sensor.
Lots of goodies built in including front-panel error status and sample-rate LED indicators; headphone jack and level control; balanced stereo monitor output; remote control; removable screw terminals; plug-and-play installation; dip-switch selection of time delay from 2 seconds to 85 minutes and restore timing delay from off to 10.2 minutes; defeatable sonalert aural alarm; SPDT status relays; SPDT one-second pulse relay.
Set it on a desktop, mount it on a wall or put three units in the rackable mounting shelf. Retail: $499.
Info: (360) 854-9559 in Washington state, or