Michael Robertson Highlights OnRad.io

Service promises to find and plays every song on radio
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Michael Robertson seeks to make searching for a particular song on the radio easier for listeners with his service OnRad.io.

Promoting a search technology that tracks free online radio stations, the service can determine what songs are being played at any given moment and allow the listener to play them on their own device. Using some of the search technology from RadioSearchEngine.com, OnRad.io has taken over for the site and expands upon it with new technology like intuitive URLs.

Robertson highlights three specific features: the ability to search and play a song currently playing on the radio anywhere; song sharing on any message app, including Snapchat, Twitter, Gmail and others; and a free web page for every song with listening statistics.

In addition, if a song is not currently being played while searching, OnRad.io will send notifications to the user to let them know when it does come on.

For online radio stations, OnRad.io can provide direct search traffic to their station and help to increase listener awareness to their station.

OnRad.io is available either on the web or through a free mobile app. To find out more, visit http://onrad.io/.