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Michigan Study Cites Strengths of Local Radio

Michigan Study Cites Strengths of Local Radio

Listeners remain loyal to local radio, at least in Michigan, according to a study commissioned by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. The group will use the findings in a campaign to promote local radio this summer.
“The research results stand in stark contrast to recent media hype surrounding the emergence of competing audio services including satellite radio and personal audio players such as iPods,” MAB stated in its announcement. Even young adults who have increased their use of new technologies remain regular radio listeners, it said.
The research project was conducted by the Communications Research Institute.
“The results show listeners strongly prefer the ability of local radio stations to keep them in touch with their communities,” MAB said. President/CEO Karole White said the study provided “hard, unbiased data” that confirmed what broadcasters believed to be true.
Organizers wanted to test listeners’ attitudes about local radio and emerging competitors, including satellite radio and personal audio devices such as iPods. Among the findings: 79% of respondents said they had spent as much or more time listening to local radio compared to one year ago; only 8% had access to satellite radio; 83% of satellite customers indicated they would not continue to pay for the service if satellite stations start carrying commercials.
The MAB also summarized findings of a 75-person focus group, including: “Virtually every research participant could name their favorite local radio station”; listeners become attached to various local radio personalities and enjoy listening to them on their way to work or school; and listeners said in contrast to satellite radio that local radio stations reveal the “sounds of a city” and reflect the unique culture of the community.