Mimis Is Named to NABA Technology Post

Part of his role is to help broadcasters introduce new services and protect spectrum
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The North American Broadcasters Association named Vassilios Mimis as director of technology. The position is a new one at NABA.

He is former director of broadcast technical policy and planning with the Canadian Department of Industry; he lives in Ottawa and holds undergrad and graduate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Ottawa.

"Mr. Mimis' depth of technology knowledge and the international issues facing broadcasting will serve the association well at a time of great industry change," the organization stated. It said he has worked in broadcasting and satellite technology and international regulatory and spectrum issues.

The announcement was made by Leonardo Ramos, director of technology for Televisa and president of NABA, who stated that Mimis "is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of broadcasters and assist NABA members in the introduction of new radio and television services, and in protecting existing facilities and broadcasting spectrum."

The nonprofit association tries to provide a common voice for the North American broadcast community and includes CBC/Radio-Canada, CBS, CPB, PBS, Sirius XM and several other full members; NPR is an associate member.


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