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Missing Issues, Programs Lists Cost LSU 10 Grand

Commission issues a fine for paperwork that went missing after a relocation project

Louisiana State University will have to pay $10,000 in a public file violation case involving its noncom station KLSU(FM) in Baton Rouge.

The Federal Communications Commission has issued a notice of apparent liability for that amount. KLSU told the commission in a license renewal application that numerous issues/programs lists had gone missing after being misplaced during a renovation and relocation project.

Raymond R. Bigalke complained to the FCC about alleged violations including a failure to maintain the issues/programs lists and argued that the license renewal should be denied. The commission agreed that the violations were extensive, “occurring over a seven-year period and involving at least 22 missing issues/programs lists.” But it did not accept his argument that the case justified refusing a renewal of the station license, and it granted the renewal.

Also notable in this case is the time period in which the violations took place: 1996 through 2001. Bigalke filed his complaint in 2004, more than five years ago.