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Moldova: Radiocomunicatii Broadcasts on DRM

Transradio provides transmitters for the digital broadcasts

In the Republic of Moldova, Radiocomunicatii is transitioning its stations to the Digital Radio Mondiale standard using equipment form German company Transradio.

Once the DRM process is completed, listeners will be able to receive the Radio Moldova station over a larger geographic territory while maintain a high quality signal, according to the Deputy Minister of Information Technology and Communications Dumitru Parfentiev.

The state-owned enterprise Radiocomunicatii has deployed a new broadcast transmitter on mediumwave frequency 873 kHz, which is now transmitting in test mode. The device will enable national program Radio Moldova to now broadcast in analog and DRM digital.

“The new DRM technology allows essential decrease of electric power use — twice less during the testing period — and also provides security in operation and optimizes maintenance expenses,” Parfentiev said after visiting the radio center in Codru, the home of the transmitter that broadcasts the program for the central region of Moldova.

The new equipment is a first for the Republic of Moldova, but the technology is currently used in nearby Romania, Italy and Germany.

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