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More Ad Agencies Embrace PPM

More Ad Agencies Embrace PPM

Two more advertising agencies – WPP Group and Carat Americas – have agreed to use Arbitron Portable People Meter ratings for radio when the audience research firm deploys PPM. The agreements are part of the agency’s renewal of an Arbitron data and software services contract.
Interpublic recently said it also would use PPM.
Some of WPP’s big clients include Burger King, Ford Motor Company, Sears, and Volkswagen.
The new WPP agreement covers U.S.-based radio planning and buying activities of the WPP Group companies: MindShare, Mediaedge:CIA, A. Eicoff & Company, Cole & Weber/Red Cell, Ford Motor Media, J. Walter Thompson USA, Ogilvy & Mather Public Relations, Media Marketing Solutions, Wunderman and Bravo Group.
In the United States, Carat places radio spot advertising for leading advertisers, including Procter & Gamble, Hyundai Motors and CBS Television.
The deals with WPP Group and Carat do not commit Arbitron to a specific timetable for PPM deployment. The company hasn’t decided when and for which markets it will deploy the PPM system to measure local market radio audiences.