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More Time to Debate FCC Regulatory Fees

Comment deadline extended in light of GAO report that raised concerns

Broadcasters and others have more time to tell the FCC what they think of the agency’s process for collecting regulatory fees.

Originally, comments on commission proposals to reform how it assesses regulatory fees for the industries the agency regulates were due by Sept. 17.

Now, the agency has pushed that back to Oct. 9, with replies due by Oct. 23 to MD Docket 12-201.

That’s because the FCC would also like comments on a recent report from the Government Accountability Office titled: Federal Communications Commission, Regulatory Fee Process Needs to Be Updated.

In its document, GAO, observes, among other things, that the commission’s regulatory fee, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, “proposes some fundamental changes to FCC’s regulatory fee program that relate to many of theconcerns raised in this report.”

As we’ve reported, the report noted the fees that the agency charges have not kept up with industry changes nor its employees’ workload.

In July, the FCC initiated a rulemaking to revamp how it calculates and collects regulatory fees.