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NAB Asks for Recall of FM-Modulated Adapters

NAB Asks for Recall of FM-Modulated Adapters

David Rehr wants FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to get receiver manufacturers to stop selling satellite radio FM-modulated products that exceed emission limits.
The NAB president/CEO seeks a recall of noncompliant devices.
Referencing NAB’s recent study that found 13 of 17 devices exceeded field strength limits under Part 15, Rehr wrote the FCC “should consider steps to halt the further distribution and sale to consumers of satellite radio devices that violate your rules. Although press reports indicate that XM and Sirius have requested their manufacturers to suspend production of noncompliant devices, these actions do nothing to address noncompliant products already in consumers’ hands or those already shipped to distributors and retailers.”
Rehr stated: “Action is necessary to prevent even more disruption to listeners’ use and enjoyment of free over-the-air radio services, including new digital services, and the commission has clear authority to vigorously enforce its rules regarding noncompliant devices.”