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NAB Passes Along Sirius Stock Tip

NAB Passes Along Sirius Stock Tip

NAB apparently likes the advice it hears from The Motley Fool lately, enough to pass a tidbit along to others.
Sounding off in its Radio Rave newsletter under the headline “Sirius Skepticism Over Stern Deal,” the broadcast association pointed readers to critical comments about the satellite company by one investment columnist at The Motley Fool.
“Even before the Stern deal, Fool columnist Seth Jayson wrote that ‘Sirius was horribly overvalued,'” NAB wrote. “He figures the Stern deal adds ‘about 30% to operating costs – meaning Sirius will need to add 1 million subscribers to break even.'” It has 700,000 now.
NAB also noted the columnist advice’s that this “might be a good time to dump Sirius stock,” in its words.
The association did not, however, quote other content at Motley Fool on the same topic, including an earlier column by another writer that spoke well of Sirius’ long-term outlook and concluded, “Invest at your own risk; write off Sirius at your own peril.”