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NAB Promotes Green for Big Show

Your carbon offset: $13.25

While a large portion of the country has been digging itself out from record winter snowfall in recent weeks, the National Association of Broadcasters is looking forward to its spring NAB Show, April 10–15, to be held in sunny and warm Las Vegas. And since “green” is the new black, the NAB says it wants to cut its carbon footprint.

NAB is initiating programs “aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the world’s largest electronic media show.”

These efforts include the goal of a green newsroom. Exhibitors will have access to a free online newsroom for posting online press kits, ideally cutting down on the number of paper kits distributed at the show. The NAB also is encouraging the use of social networking sites for promotion of exhibitor products and services.

And for those working up a sweat worrying about all the carbon they are emitting, the NAB is working with to enable the purchasing of carbon offset indulgences. They have set up a special Web page for the practice.

“The overall carbon footprint includes emissions resulting from attendee air travel, hotel stays, ground transportation, conference space and meals provided,” they said. “The NAB Show has opted to average the total projected impact of the conference among the total number of projected attendees so as to not place a higher burden on those traveling from overseas. If each participant purchases $13.25 of carbon offsets from, our conference will be carbon neutral.”

Additional efforts include using recycled materials for show bags and direct mail promotional efforts.