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NAB Shifts Gears on TV Cap

NAB Shifts Gears on TV Cap

NAB countered reports by members of Congress and lobbyists that it has changed its position on the TV 35% audience cap. Ranking Democrats of the Commerce Committees Rep. John Dingell and Sen. Fritz Hollings said they would press forward with legislation to restore that portion of the FCC’s media ownership rules back to the 35% cap. Both are disappointed by what they say is NAB’s change of heart by withdrawing support for the legislation.
NAB President/CEO Eddie Fritts said the trade group would have preferred lobbying for a 35% bill that had no amendments. However, the Senate Commerce Committee has added several amendments to the legislation that NAB opposes.
Fritts told reporters that given the current political climate, NAB realizes it can’t expect a “clean” bill to move forward and that’s why it has stopped lobbying for the cap restoration. Fritts said this was always the position of NAB members, and the organization felt it needed to make its position clear now before the measures potentially move to the floors of both legislative bodies.