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NAB Show 2016

Here is a collection of manufacturer Q&As to prepare readers for NAB Show

NAB Show 2016 Coverage

The spring NAB Show is approaching. Radio World will conduct a series of short Q&As with both presenters and manufacturers, to help you get the most out of the big annual trade show.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Ben Palmer, Arrakis Systems

The Arrakis sales manager says the company is pushing into IP networking technology.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Philippe Generali, RCS

The president and CEO of RCS says that broadcast software goes where it is in demand.

BEC Preview: “The Elusive Signature Sound”

Wheatstone Systems and Support Engineer Mike Erickson addresses the ideal achievement of a “Signature Sound.”

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Todor Ivanov, DEVA Broadcast

DEVA Broadcast’s CEO says his company learns from each show from their customers.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Chuck Kelly, Nautel

Nautel’s director of sales thinks the move to the North Hall is good for radio exhibitors.

BEC Preview: “How AES67 Audio Over IP Is Going to Change Everything About Professional Audio”

Telos Alliance Chief Science Officer Greg Shay sees an AES67 revolution sweeping across the radio industry.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Christophe Poulain, WorldCast Systems

WorldCast Systems’ vice president of sales and marketing sees opportunities in the emerging world.

BEC Preview: “Distribution of Analog or Digital Composite Multiplex Signals Across IP Networks”

GatesAir’s Keyur Parikh wants to help you get the best out of your transmitter and IP network relationship.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Isabelle Sost, Netia

The Netia communications and field marketing director says that the continued evolution of media consumption demands innovation on the part of radio broadcasters.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Dan McQuillin, Broadcast Bionics

The managing director for Broadcast Bionics stresses the wide variety of communications avenues available to radio stations.

BEC Preview: “Virtual Future of Broadcast Automation”

ENCO’s Paul Stewart wants to introduce you to the benefits of virtualization.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Marie Summers, BSI

The goal of BSI’s sales manager is to make remote access to automation software easy and affordable.

NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Scott Incz, BW Broadcast

BW Broadcast’s CEO says that the show is not about products, it is about people — it ensures relationships stay strong.