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Nashua, N.H. Pirate Operates Openly

‘TheBeat’ on 87.9 MHz held a remote over the weekend

A pirate station in Nashua, N.H. is operating openly without an FCC license.

Antoine Anthem, operator of “TheBeat” on 87.9 MHz, tells the Nashua Telegraph: “If a commercial station wants to complain and push us away, they can.” That hasn’t been a problem because TheBeat isn’t interfering with other stations, according to Anthem.

But he’s also not sure what power level his station is operating at because TheBeat doesn’t have measurement equipment. 

The station has an office on Main Street, a polished website and co-sponsored a “Who’s Got Talent” charity event with several local businesses at a Nashua hotel last weekend.

Legitimate broadcaster Jerry DiGrezio is peeved, telling the paper, “We’re playing by the rules and someone else isn’t.”

DiGrezio is general manager for Monahan Cos., Absolute Broadcasting parent. Absolute owns AM stations WSMN, WGAM and WGHM in Nashua.

The FCC is looking into the situation.