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Nautel Is Ready for AM IBOC

Nautel Is Ready for AM IBOC

Nautel Ltd. has introduced the AM IBOC- and DRM-ready NDd and XLd series of solid-state AM transmitters.
Also new is the NE IBOC exciter, which can be retrofitted in the field by a station engineer with the installation of an upgrade kit for ND and XL series AM transmitters. The company was recognized with a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award for Technical Advancement of IBOC DAB at the recent NAB convention.
On the FM side, the new NE-30 analog FM exciter serves as the backbone of the Nautel FM3.5, FM5 and FM8 transmitters.
Also new in FM is a single-phase version of the Q20, a 20-kW solid-state FM transmitter.