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New ET 15000 Transmitter From Bext

15 kW transmitter is energy-efficient and compact

The new ET 15000 from Bext is an exceptionally efficient 15 kW solid-state FM transmitter in an extremely compact size, just 20 rackunits.

Highly energy efficient, the ET 15000 will cut down on station utility bills and produce less heat, which turns into longer life for the unit and significantly less cooling requirements for the site.

The modular architecture with three individual 5000 W PA sections ensures uninterrupted on-air performance if one or even two of the PA sections were to fail.

For added peace of mind, The ET 15000 is also available with dual exciter and auto-changeover.

All of the PA sections, the combiner and control unit, as well as the exciters for the ET 15000 are built with solid stainless-steel enclosures, ensuring durability and physical ruggedness.

The ET 15000 offers a wide choice of remote control and supervision options through TCP-IP, traditional analog contacts or a telephone modem. This transmitter is available in three-phase or single-phase configuration, and it can also be field rewired for either.