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New FCC Fax Number For Public

New FCC Fax Number For Public

The FCC also has a new fax number for the general public.
In light of recent events in Washington, DC, resulting in unforeseeable and understandable disruption of regular mail delivery, the FCC wants to ensure that it continues to be accessible and responsive to members of the public. For this reason, the commission is providing a means for the public to fax general correspondence to the agency, such as inquiries about the FCC’s activities, status inquiries, fee-related questions, and any other correspondence that is not an official filing.
The public may now fax correspondence to the FCC at 202-418-0188. If possible, please include the following information in the addressee block of the correspondence.
The FCC’s full name and address (445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554), the name of the bureau or office to which the correspondence is directed and the name and room number of the FCC staff person to whom the correspondence is directed
This fax number for general correspondence must not be used for official filings.

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