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New KFI Tower Is Up

‘It is a big dude.’

L.A. engineer Paul Sakrison has posted pix of the newly completed KFI(AM) tower.

“Erected in 13 days, the tower that took almost four years rebuild finally stands tall in La Mirada, Calif.,” he states on his site.

The need for a replacement dates to the collapse of the original 750-foot tower, struck by a small plane in 2004 in a crash that killed two people. Work on a replacement started earlier this year but the partially built tower then fell.

KFI is a Clear Channel station on 640 kHz; Sakrison is with CBS. His personal site features photos of numerous area stations.

“I arrived on 8/14 as the Seacomm crew was pulling out for the last time. It is a big, broad tower with a 50-foot capacitive hat for top loading and is lit on two levels with High Intensity Strobe Lighting. You can’t miss it driving down the 5 freeway or across the 91 freeway near Beach Blvd.

“It is worth seeing the scale, the top hat and the raised northeast anchor, which is much beefier than the original … We’re glad to see this old friend return and look forward to it being fed 50,000 watts of RF in September.”

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