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New SBE Chapter Revives Familiar Number

New SBE Chapter Revives Familiar Number

A dozen engineers are members of the newest SBE chapter, Eugene Chapter 76, which serves the broadcast engineering community of central Oregon.
The new group asked for and received a chapter number that had been in use in Oregon previously but was inactive in recent years. It will meet on the second Wednesday of each month.
Membership Chairman Larry Bloomfield said he plans a campaign of recruitment and will ask station GMs to support the group.
The engineers were part of SBE Chapter 124 in Portland, which Bloomfield called “a fine group of very active folks, and they have very good meetings with very fine educational content.” He said the new chapter will allow members to meet more conveniently.
“To ensure we had good programs on a regular basis and to determine our own destiny, we decided to form our own chapter,” Bloomfield said. “Many of the SBE goals and tasks, such as frequency coordination and EAS, are very much in place and working quite well in Chapter 124. We will continue to contribute and support those efforts as needed.
“For the time being, we will also benefit from the Chapter 124 newsletter, ‘The Water Cooled Newsletter.'”
Dennis Hunt is chairman; Chris Heck is vice-chair; John Bredeson is secretary; Tim Hershiser is treasurer.
Info and signup: